Taihō Kōki (大鵬幸喜)

Mr. Naya Kōki, better known by his ring name Taihō Kōki (大鵬幸喜), a sumo wrestler, passed away from ventricular tachycardia at Keio University Hospital in Shinjuku, Tōkyō. A native of Shisuka, Karafuto, Japanese Sakhalin (present-day Poronaysk, Sakhalin, Russia), he was 72 years old.大鵬幸喜として知られる相撲力士の納谷幸喜氏が、心室頻拍のため東京都新宿区の慶應義塾大学病院で死去。樺太庁敷香町(現...



Ichinishiki Shūnosuke (一錦周之助)

Mr. Narumi Shūnosuke, better known by his ring name Ichinishiki Shūnosuke (一錦周之助) or by his toshiyori title Master Tomozuna X (十代目友綱親方), a sumo wrestler, passed away from pneumonia at a hospital in Tōkyō. A native of Yokouchi, Aomori (present-day Aomori), he was 88 years old.一錦周之助あるいは十代目友綱親方として知られる相撲力士の鳴海周之助氏が、肺炎のため東京都内の病院で死去。青森県横...


Kushimaumi Keita (久島海啓太)

Mr. Kushima Keita, better known by his ring name Kushimaumi Keita (久島海啓太) or by his toshiyori title Master Tagonoura (田子ノ浦 親方), a sumo wrestler, passed away after vomiting blood at his heya in Kōtō, Tōkyō around 16:30. A native of Shingū, Wakayama, he was 46 years old.久島海啓太あるいは田子ノ浦親方として知られる相撲力士の久嶋啓太氏が、東京都江東区内で死去。和歌山県新宮市出身。享年46。...


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